Boston, Texas and an argument or three

Sorry for the long hiatus.  It has been a hectic month here.

So, let’s get right to it.  I have friends in Boston and family back home in Texas.  Two tragedies in one week and I no longer have finger nails to chew.

After Boston, I braced for the inevitable “#prayforboston” to spam the airwaves.  And boy did it ever!  At first, I ignored it.  But the more images I saw of the raw carnage and horror that had befallen my neighbors, I had to actually do and say something.  I started posting about blood banks, donation sites and found an eBay connected CharityWorks that donates DIRECTLY to Mass General.  Set up 5 auctions myself which all end Sunday to raise a few hundred dollars for donation.

I started responding to friends and family who posted “pray for boston” and linked them directly to the hospital’s donation page.  >> <<  Apparently, this was “belittling” and “insulting” to believers.

But I have to ask, if a neighbor comes to your door crying and sobbing that their house is on fire, do you just let them cry it out?  Or do you help them focus, call 9-11 and get that fire put out?  Just because a behavior makes you feel better or helps you pretend that you are helping, does not make it a good thing.  I believe in helping people.  Not patting myself on the back for caring or retweeting that I care.

A few days later, West, Texas suffered a tragedy.  My own brothers were there helping put out fires and search for survivors.  My mother drove up from SanAntonio to volunteer at her old hospital, Scott & White.  I am all the way in New York, so I pledged the remaining money from eBay sales to West, Texas support.  Again, I sent out links, encouraging those who could help to do so.

I will not apologize or be made to feel guilty for trying to actually ASSIST PEOPLE IN NEED rather than stroking my own ego and talking to myself.  My family is Christian.  They actually believe in prayer for many things.  But in times of emergency, they remind themselves that “God helps those who help themselves” and they get to work.  Of course, these are well read Christians who understand the lessons of hospitality and helping the needy too. >.>

So to all those people who I may have “offended” or “belittled”, I am not sorry.  And fuck you.


Why Chic-fil-A Supporters are Hypocrites

Should the CEO of a national chain of crappy chicken joints be free to say whatever they want and blow their income on hate groups?  Sure, go ahead, be proud of your ignorance.

But by all means, religious intolerance needs to take a step back and look in the mirror.  Fact is, “majority moral opinion” has already set the precedent to limit free enterprise all across this country.  Don’t believe me?

Read this:

Sunday liquor limitations are just the tip of the problem.  15 states ban the sale of liquor on Christmas and 8 of them include bans on Easter.

Now ask yourself why.

Obviously there is no issue with selling alcohol itself.  So why only on Sunday?  Why only on Christian holidays?  Because the MORAL OPINION of the majority took a vote or in some cases just passed a law to ban sales and limit how private businesses could be run in their city.

Now let’s take a closer look at the laws in a few select cities:

Salt Lake City, Utah:

Clearwater, Florida:

Food bans in Brooklyn because of Palestine/Israel issues:

Pennsylvania Strip Club laws:

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I am a fan of actual FREE enterprise.  But when the opposition is playing so aggressively to BAN every single thing THEY find offensive, I find it hypocritical to start pointing fingers at everyone else when one of YOUR businesses comes against a wall of opposing moral opinion.

Either make the laws Federally applicable to ALL businesses or allow Chicago and Boston and San Francisco ban homophobic chains who make financial contributions to anti-homosexual attack groups  from their cities.  You cannot have it both ways religious fanatics.  You just can’t.