2013: Atheist Resolutions

I already posted my generic list of goals elsewhere, but I have a second list that needs to be here:

1. I will not back down from correcting anyone who mislabels Atheism as anything but a disbelief in the supernatural.  It is not Satanism, Paganism, anti-religious etc

2. I will continue to spread memes with a secular message and not comment on them. (see #3)

3. I will no longer waste my time debating with extremists who cannot be educated beyond their current level.  There is no point and I am wasting my energy.

4. I will put more energy into positive things this year like charities.  Leading by example and proving the adage that “millions are good without god”.

5. I will open my heart and help to any agnostic or atheist person who finds they have no one to speak to.  You are not nearly as alone as you may feel. ❤

6. I will take control over my future.  After all, you only get ONE life, best not waste it.


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