Some kid called me a terrorist cause I was dressed like one.

So I recently became aware of this tumblr post from last month:

In it, a middle class white girl complains how she wore a Hijab to the mall just to see if she was treated differently and oh guess what, she was. Shock and awe! According to her tale of whitegirlwoe, she even got called a terrorist by some little kid who, I can only assume, is raised in a house with too much FOX news. (Author’s note: I obviously don’t think all Muslim women are terrorists. But FOX fans probably do. :*)

I would have skimmed past this little jewel if it wasn’t being spread everywhere with some silly message about how we should stop judging people based on their religious choices. Repeat.. CHOICES.

Look, I’m all for equality among humanity. Being born in a random part of the world with a random skin color, sex or language shouldn’t automatically classify you as less than human. The problem is, it’s RELIGION that’s fueling most of the hate between humans who are otherwise similar in tongue, skin tones and culture, not the other way around. So when I see religious people complain that people are judging them, it just makes me laugh.

In this case, it was a kid playing dress up in an orthodox religious costume.

So here’s my simple solution:
IF you want to be judged as an individual, don’t wear a uniform.

Don’t wear a team jersey and get mad when people give you feedback about the team. Don’t wear a KKK robe and say people shouldn’t “assume” you’re a racist. If you choose to go out into society wearing the uniform/logo/badge of an organization, then you are responsible for the consequences. Does it excuse rudeness? No. But it doesn’t mean that everyone who looks at you funny or treats you “differently” automatically hates you just because you’re different. Maybe they dislike who you’ve chosen to openly support. And wearing a hijab in America where you don’t have Sharia law forcing it upon you, is your choice and is you showing support for a religion that has a very long history of violence and hate for everyone that wont conform to it. That’s your freedom, you can wear one if you want. But don’t get an attitude when people treat you different than everyone else.


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