Thoughts On Libya and Israel

I still wonder why a minority of about 11% of the country still has such powerful influence on American politics? There are larger minority groups that get ignored and/or treated like crap while Israel is still some “top priority” issue. Why are we, a baby new country on the grand scale, so indebted to a tiny middle east country involved in a 2000 year old war over some silly “holy” land? I don’t get it. Innocent Americans keep getting killed in the crossfire in what is essentially a fail holy war between two religious factions fighting over their “rights” to some supposed “holy” sandbox. And meanwhile anyone who helps either side keeps dragging their entire region/culture down the hole.

I am an American speaking for the 13% Atheist community with ZERO vested interest in Jews or Muslims who would like to stop living in fear of being killed in the crossfire of this religious gang violence. You wanna blame someone for Libya, how about we start back at our pointless INVOLVEMENT in the Middle East to begin with? Muslim terrorist aren’t mad at America cause we’re “trying to steal their oil” lol.. The terrorists are mad that we 1. claim to be a “Christian nation” and let Evangelicals take over our Military one chaplain at a time and 2. defend Israel every time she whines for help. How about you stop pretending this is a “political” or “economic” war and face facts. Without the religious differences between Christians, Muslims and Jews there would be NO reason for Hamas or Al Quaeda etc. You’d be acting like the neighbors and communities you are.

Next time I hear a theist of one of the Abrahamic religions blame ANYONE but themselves for this crap I am going to scream. Bitches need to shut up and go READ The books they pretend to follow. You’re all the same religion, based on the same God. Just too loyal to your own version of spin off fanfiction to realize it.  Gaza Strip isn’t the site of some genocide race war.  It’s a civil war between neighbors who only hate each other based on how they pronounce god and which prophet they think was right.