Please Stop

I have seen these around for years on the subway lines and buses here in New York.  This bit of Theist Graffitti:

Imageand I have up until recently just laughed and ignored it.  But today on my trip to the city and back home, I saw it no less than 15 times.  Once even scribbled in a speech bubble on a college advertisement.  And so, as I seethed on the train ride home, clutching my red Sharpie and actively willing myself to not write N O over those empty headed demands, I hatched a plan.  

You see, there was a time not too long ago when I was part of a Guerrilla advertising campaign with Anonymous to rally against Scientology.  Part of me misses that thrill and the excitement that knowing we were actually helping inform random strangers.  So I planned a few stickers to carry on my person in case I come across anymore of these asinine theist demands that one “pray”.  First there will be a smaller sticker that just says “THINK.” which will cover and replace the word Pray.  Second, I will make a set of stickers which read “Millions are Good without God.”  and lastly, for those particularly vile spammers who litter entire cars advertising their local churches, I will print up “Religion Poisons Everything” stickers.  Yes, I will surly offend some people.  But I will rest easily knowing no one else will have to see “Please Pray” and want to vomit. 😛

America is a Secular Nation.  Always has been and always will be.


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