That word is a mouthful.  Here’s a fun game:

Open Google. Search for “Unconstitutional State Law”.  See the horror.

Once upon a time, our country was divided.  Back before cars, trains or planes.  When people were born and died in one county.  Where family businesses were owned and operated for generations on the same tract of land.  Now some people think these were “the good old days”  I see them as the dark ages.  You know what happens when people don’t have TV or the Internet to expose them daily to other cultures?  They become narrow minded.

So sure, maybe the corn farmer in Nebraska doesn’t NEED to know who the president of Libya is.  Hell I don’t even know if Libya has a president.  And that doesn’t make anyone a bad person or a moron.  People have limited time and resources.  You can’t possibly KNOW everything there is to know about everything.  But you can, however, be self aware.  Self aware of your lack of knowledge.  You can be aware that there are other cultures, religions and races outside your small community.  And you can realize that we all SHARE this planet and this country and, yes, even the state.

So that’s why we have a US Constitution.  It’s not perfect.  But the idea that there are inalienable human rights not to be violated should reign supreme.  It’s a philosophical debate as old as time.

So does it upset me in this day to see states living by archaic ideas?  To see local governments that require elected officials to be theist: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2009/12/15/which-states-ban-atheists-from-holding-public-office/

To see local governments pushing religious ideas into public schools: http://www.firstamendmentcenter.org/aclu-ind-creationism-bill-is-unconstitutional

To see that many states still tell privately owned business when they can be open on Sunday and what they are allowed to sell. everystateever. :3

I know democracy isn’t perfect.  And this is just an example of “tyranny of the majority”.  But there are certain rights guaranteed ALL citizens, no matter where they live.  Free speech.  Freedom of (and FROM) religion.  Free Enterprise.  etc.  And the Federal Constitution should and always has trumped State constitutions.

So Ron Paul supporters, I ask you this: Why do you still insist on saying silly things like “If you don’t like the Sate’s laws, just move” when I can so readily reply “If you don’t like the Federal constitution, then why are you part of the United States?”

States who wish to maintain the freedoms and protections and tax funded benefits of the US Government have to abide by the Constitution.  It’s a simple idea really. So STOP fighting it.


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