Religious Intolerance Hate Crime in the News

This week has been a busy one for violence and hatred fueled by theists killing theists and theists attacking people they disagree with.  I think it’s time all these sane, level headed, moderate believers I keep hearing about start speaking out against these men and women who make your faith look like trash.


Lynched for Being Gay

A young man and his partner were beaten by members of a local church for being homosexual.  And that Deacon and Pastor also happened to be his father and uncle.  Lovely.  The best part was reading how the congregation and local sheriff stood by and watched it happen. This is called public lynching.


Mistaken Muslim Shooting?

Sikhs wear turbans.  Ignorant extremist Christians think anything in a turban is a terrorist.  Gunman goes crazy and shoots up a temple of Indian worshipers.  Rings familiar for those Sikh murders after 9/11.  Same tragic story, yet again.


White Southern Baptist Church Bans Black Wedding

So, shocker, racism is alive and well in the South thanks to the churches who continue to lie to the locals once a week.  The sunshine in this story is that some Baptists are actually speaking out against the church.  Some.


Amish Beard Haters Gone Mad?

Interfaith violence between rival Amish groups.  Beard chopping to “send a message”?


Hate-Speech and Hate-Crimes are ok as long as Jesus or Mohammad made you Do It

The Federal Govt has upheld that religious bigotry and violence (even the kind that fuels murder and aggression against innocent people) is totally legal as long as you have the excuse of religious indoctrination to back your actions.

and that’s just the US.


The rest of the world seems to be falling apart for the very same, THEIST driven hatred


Dear society: GROW THE FUCK UP.  Your personal religious OPINION (yes, that’s ALL it is) does not give you the right, freedom, or free reign to treat other human beings like target practice, trash or animals.  YOU are the criminals. YOU are in the wrong.  And it is YOU who are making all religions look like extremist cults.  So have at it moderates.  We atheists shouldn’t have to fight all your battles for you.  Speak up and clean up your houses from the inside.


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