A compromise between the NRA and the Brady Campaign, I offer you my idea: Weapon Credit Scores

How it works:

Much like we track one’s spending and credit limits and prevent “bad debtors” from getting new credit cards or buying homes/cars etc I suggest we do the same for weapons purchases.

– People without any weapons training would be treated the same way an 18 year old with no credit history is treated: a liability until proven otherwise. “Build your credit, take some classes.”
– People who have a steady history of gun safety (think car insurance accident records) would be offered increased limits. So say you have had your CCW for 15 years with no accidents then you could purchase x amt of guns without issue
– People who own businesses or dealerships to purchase firearms are all pretty heavily watched as it is, so I would imagine that we add a middle tier for collectors. Between private owners and full dealerships. Those who wish to own a private gun collection for either your doomsday bunker or just because you are a fan of weaponry, can apply for a BG check to do so thus clearing them for future purchases the same way a gun retailer is.
– People will have to build their credit to make multiple purchases the same way you cannot just suddenly open credit cards without first building your credit score.

Now, I understand this wouldn’t prevent every crime, obviously. Sane people have bad days and make rash decisions. Those are usually unpreventable. And illegal guns will still be illegally obtained.

Comments? Suggestions?


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