Oh Howard…

So it appears that the My Little Pony  convention I recently attended was infiltrated by trolls from that scum of the radio industry, Howard Stern and his hanger-ons.  He then posted this lovely video which I won’t dignify with a link.  If you want to hear it, use Google search or Youtube.

Since having a rational debate on Youtube is 100% impossible, I will respond to the falsehoods here:

1. Pennsylvania?  No, it was held in New Jersey.  The last two BroNYcon events were held in New York, but since the event has grown from a few hundred to a few thousand attendees, it was moved to a larger, more affordable venue at the Meadowlands Exposition Center.  Hardly “hidden in the woods”.

2. Cloppers? Yes yes, just like any fandom  you will find hypersexualized individuals. Just as I’m sure if you asked a handful of NFL fans if they’ve ever rubbed one out to a Cheerleader calendar they would say yes.  It’s hardly any different because both are just pictures of an imaginary fantasy.  You’re not any “better” for masturbating to hentai, naked feet or gore.  Whatever your chemical mental wiring makes you personally find sexy and gives you a hard on is all up to you and really shouldn’t matter.

3. Lives with Parents?  And?  Look, I personally got kicked the eff out at 18 but I grew up in a different culture than MOST New Yorkers.  Almost everyone I have met here in my age group, lived at home through college.  Housing is expensive and hard to find in NYC, so since the majority of attendees were East Coast bronies, then how is this abnormal?

4. It’s a Little Girl’s TV Show!  Actually, it’s not.  Not anymore.  Not only has the creative team behind MLP stated that it was re-imagined for the WHOLE family (last I checked this includes fathers and sons) but there are references to things like Trainspotting and the Big Lebowski.  Neither of which are movies targeted at “little girls”.  I would tell Howie to get over his gender stereotypes, but this is the same trash who tells perfect 10 models that they need work done even though he looks like a troll.  I highly doubt he’s the authority on sexual equality and gender arguments.

5. So Immature!  Yes yes, watching cartoons is immature in that it’s an activity enjoyed purely for entetainment’s sake.  Much like the thousands spent on Season tickets to your favorite sports team.  Or the thousands spent anually on your gamefly or netflix account.  Or the money you invested in shiny new car parts for your ride.  Unless your hobby is doing your taxes and preparing your will, YOU ARE JUST AS IMMATURE.  Get over yourself.

6. “ALL” Bronies do this! Use your brain.  I could easily interview a drunken racist at a Jets game and say “oh look, I guess all football fans are alcoholics and racists bastards.”  I would be just as wrong as Howie’s incessant assertion throughout that this is indicative of the entire brony fandom.  He’s wrong and it should be obvious that the selected a handful of the most fringe fanatics as representatives.

7. It’s all dudes!  Actually, its not.  The majority of my MLP customer base continues to be women.  But that doesn’t attract media attention.  Grown women continuing to enjoy a show many of us grew up with?  ALERT THE NEWS TEAM!  As I have said before, there is a reason more guys like the show now and why it is just another part of geek culture like Spongebob and Avatar.   Shouldn’t be treated any differently.  And for the record,. you can find “rule 34” of just about any TV show in existence. Because if horny teenage boys like something, they WILL make porn of it.  That doesn’t mean everyone who is a fan of said show is now a pervert by association.

In conclusion, grow up and get over yourselves. You want to sit around judging people just because their hobby isn’t your hobby?  What is this, High School Musical?  If you were as “mature” as you pretend to be, you’d understand tolerance, acceptance and reality.


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