A compromise between the NRA and the Brady Campaign, I offer you my idea: Weapon Credit Scores

How it works:

Much like we track one’s spending and credit limits and prevent “bad debtors” from getting new credit cards or buying homes/cars etc I suggest we do the same for weapons purchases.

– People without any weapons training would be treated the same way an 18 year old with no credit history is treated: a liability until proven otherwise. “Build your credit, take some classes.”
– People who have a steady history of gun safety (think car insurance accident records) would be offered increased limits. So say you have had your CCW for 15 years with no accidents then you could purchase x amt of guns without issue
– People who own businesses or dealerships to purchase firearms are all pretty heavily watched as it is, so I would imagine that we add a middle tier for collectors. Between private owners and full dealerships. Those who wish to own a private gun collection for either your doomsday bunker or just because you are a fan of weaponry, can apply for a BG check to do so thus clearing them for future purchases the same way a gun retailer is.
– People will have to build their credit to make multiple purchases the same way you cannot just suddenly open credit cards without first building your credit score.

Now, I understand this wouldn’t prevent every crime, obviously. Sane people have bad days and make rash decisions. Those are usually unpreventable. And illegal guns will still be illegally obtained.

Comments? Suggestions?


Change.org Military Atheists petition!

Holy Crud!  You know that little baby petition I thought no one would read back in April?  It’s now over 500 signatures! And reading through the comments, I feel so much less alone in this world.  ❤  I am so happy right now.  I wish I could express in words.  Just, thank you.  To each and every person who continues to speak out. Thank you.


On Agnostics and Apologists

Let me preface this by stating the fact that I once called myself “Agnostic”.  In fact, it was less than a year ago in which I dropped the label and fessed up to being full on Atheist.

The reason agnosticism and apologist mentalities are dangerous is that it’s leading us down a path of self righteous self absorbed douchbaggery.  This mentality that anyone with a negative comment is instantly the bad guy.  Sure, people like Howard Stern and FOX News make a habit out of attacking fake baddies with their fake exposes on imaginary problems.  But where are the hardass reporters?  Where are the Woodward and Bernstein of today?  The closest thing we even have to investigative reporting are celebrity gossip sites and fanatic Tea Party Birthers.

I am personally sick of fluff news interviews.  I am personally sick of being called a “hipster” for disagreeing with a popular book or film.  I am sick of being called “judgmental” and “elite” as if they are bad things.

Hurting someone’s feelings is not a crime. Telling the truth, is not a crime.  It shouldn’t even be pretended as a crime.  Rape is a crime.  Murder is a crime. Theft, assault, slavery, THOSE are crimes.  But living in a society full of other individuals exposes you to their opinions.  Just as I will defend Howie’s right to be a live air jockey tool, I will also defend my right to be an unapologetic Atheist.  Just to be clear, I had issue with his LYING, not his opinion on bronies.

So back to Agnostics.  Why are you wavering?  What reason do you have to believe the word of mouth of someone? I mean, if a stranger told me I won a new car, I would have no reason to believe them.  Now if I had previous evidence to show that I had entered a contest in which a car was one of the prizes, I would not waver on that.  But asking me to just believe the word of every random stranger at face value until proven otherwise, now that’s insanity.

If you want to know why I am no longer Agnostic, it is simple.  I do not believe those who said Ra was a god.  Or Zeus, or Thor or Vishnu.  Why should I believe anyone else who has just as little proof?  If I allowed myself to be taken in so easily by a good story, I may as well believe them all.  For they all have the same, exact, amount of evidence.  I am atheist because that is the label stapled to me by believers to whom I have said “no thank you”.  That’s it.  If you came to my door selling knives or Christ, I would turn down both as unnecessary and unwanted.

So why are apologists dangerous?  Because they have convinced the madmen, these people who believe in word-of-mouth stories as “facts,” that they stand on equal footing in reality.  They don’t.  You can choose what fantasy to believe in, but our reality is shared.  And in this reality, the man who says arsenic isn’t poison, does not get to redesign the entire healthcare system based on his “beliefs”, so why should the man who says “the Earth is only 6000 years old” get to revamp the education system?

Religion isn’t special.  It’s just another belief in something unproven.  believe it all you want, but you still live in this shared, public space with the rest of us sane people.  And I will call crazy out, unapologetic and without guilt.

Oh Howard…

So it appears that the My Little Pony  convention I recently attended was infiltrated by trolls from that scum of the radio industry, Howard Stern and his hanger-ons.  He then posted this lovely video which I won’t dignify with a link.  If you want to hear it, use Google search or Youtube.

Since having a rational debate on Youtube is 100% impossible, I will respond to the falsehoods here:

1. Pennsylvania?  No, it was held in New Jersey.  The last two BroNYcon events were held in New York, but since the event has grown from a few hundred to a few thousand attendees, it was moved to a larger, more affordable venue at the Meadowlands Exposition Center.  Hardly “hidden in the woods”.

2. Cloppers? Yes yes, just like any fandom  you will find hypersexualized individuals. Just as I’m sure if you asked a handful of NFL fans if they’ve ever rubbed one out to a Cheerleader calendar they would say yes.  It’s hardly any different because both are just pictures of an imaginary fantasy.  You’re not any “better” for masturbating to hentai, naked feet or gore.  Whatever your chemical mental wiring makes you personally find sexy and gives you a hard on is all up to you and really shouldn’t matter.

3. Lives with Parents?  And?  Look, I personally got kicked the eff out at 18 but I grew up in a different culture than MOST New Yorkers.  Almost everyone I have met here in my age group, lived at home through college.  Housing is expensive and hard to find in NYC, so since the majority of attendees were East Coast bronies, then how is this abnormal?

4. It’s a Little Girl’s TV Show!  Actually, it’s not.  Not anymore.  Not only has the creative team behind MLP stated that it was re-imagined for the WHOLE family (last I checked this includes fathers and sons) but there are references to things like Trainspotting and the Big Lebowski.  Neither of which are movies targeted at “little girls”.  I would tell Howie to get over his gender stereotypes, but this is the same trash who tells perfect 10 models that they need work done even though he looks like a troll.  I highly doubt he’s the authority on sexual equality and gender arguments.

5. So Immature!  Yes yes, watching cartoons is immature in that it’s an activity enjoyed purely for entetainment’s sake.  Much like the thousands spent on Season tickets to your favorite sports team.  Or the thousands spent anually on your gamefly or netflix account.  Or the money you invested in shiny new car parts for your ride.  Unless your hobby is doing your taxes and preparing your will, YOU ARE JUST AS IMMATURE.  Get over yourself.

6. “ALL” Bronies do this! Use your brain.  I could easily interview a drunken racist at a Jets game and say “oh look, I guess all football fans are alcoholics and racists bastards.”  I would be just as wrong as Howie’s incessant assertion throughout that this is indicative of the entire brony fandom.  He’s wrong and it should be obvious that the selected a handful of the most fringe fanatics as representatives.

7. It’s all dudes!  Actually, its not.  The majority of my MLP customer base continues to be women.  But that doesn’t attract media attention.  Grown women continuing to enjoy a show many of us grew up with?  ALERT THE NEWS TEAM!  As I have said before, there is a reason more guys like the show now and why it is just another part of geek culture like Spongebob and Avatar.   Shouldn’t be treated any differently.  And for the record,. you can find “rule 34” of just about any TV show in existence. Because if horny teenage boys like something, they WILL make porn of it.  That doesn’t mean everyone who is a fan of said show is now a pervert by association.

In conclusion, grow up and get over yourselves. You want to sit around judging people just because their hobby isn’t your hobby?  What is this, High School Musical?  If you were as “mature” as you pretend to be, you’d understand tolerance, acceptance and reality.