An Atheist Survey (with loaded questions)

1. If there is NO God, then their is no Measurement or Standard for morality?  Then what will define morality?

1. The morals of religion have always been based on the morals of humanity. NOT the other way around. We choose to live in communities and as such we have all over time constructed very similar laws for that society so that we can survive as a species and make progress. If you look into every religion, philosophy etc you will find there are certain “inalienable rights” that we all tend to agree upon without the need for any supernatural guidance. Even animals figured out how to survive as communities without worshiping anyone.

2. If there is NO God, then there is NO meaning or purpose to Life;  So not everything meaningless since there is no God?  So what will the purpose of living?  Without God, does the Atheist have purpose?

2. Looking for purpose is pointless. You may as well ask “why” art exists. There doesn’t have to be a why. I’m am okay with this. It means bad things actually happen to good people. It means you can mourne a loss because it is permanent. It means we can learn from our mistakes as not to repeat them because all the blame (AND all the praise) belongs on our shoulders. That is a great thing and I am welcome to embracing the responsibility.

3. Are you an advocate of New Atheism and Darwinism?  If so then the most extreme and logical form of Darwinism is Eugenics, Survival of the fittest.  Would you support this?  Why or Why Not?

3. I have no idea what you are talking about as I’m not some label fanatic who likes being part of a group. As for “survival of the fittest” that wasn’t Darwin. All he did was point out a pattern. OTHER people have built on and created their own theories since then. Unlike you religious folk, I don’t “follow” some outdated information from over a century ago. I follow modern science and my “beliefs” are constantly changing. What I hold true is that there is more we DON’T understand than what we do. But I am confident that without the shackles of religion, we will understand much more about ourselves and those things that surround us. As far as your loaded question goes, no I don’t think genocide is a good thing. But I also don’t think we should coddle the ignorant or the weak. Everyone can be encouraged to do their best without telling them they are limited and useless and “need” help.

4. If we are ancesoters/descentdents of Apes, then why are there no transitional fossils or species to support this theory?

4. First off, you are wrong. We are not “descended from apes”. We share a common ancestor. Like a Protestant and Catholic both “evolved” from original Christians. And yet they both exist today. And there are plenty of “filler” fossils, all one needs to do is spend 5 minutes in any natural history museum and see them for yourself.. However every time one is found, creationists tend to ignore the new evidence and instead say there are two new holes. -_-

5. Do you believe in Human Nature?  It is Human Nature to believe in God, if so, why do you go against human nature and not believe in God?

5. Lol.. it is not “human nature” to do any ONE thing. It is common for SOME people to have imaginary friends or look for stories and purpose in life. Thus it makes it easier for those people to believe in things like fairy tales, Santa Claus and yes, god. The fact remains that those of us who are now atheists as adults were always inquisitive, curious children who never truly believed all the fairy tales fed to us by adults. We weren’t fighting “human nature” we were embracing our OWN personalities.

6. Can Nothing come from Something?  Doesn’t that violate The First Law of Thermodynamics?

6. No it doesn’t. And you are forgetting the second and third laws of thermodynamics. It is about balance, not “nothingness”. There is hardly enough time to try and explain the big bang theory here, but suffice to say that no it does not violate thermodynamics. Whereas supernatural intervention DOES violate thermodynamics.

7. It seems that a society of Atheist are immoral and self-destructing.  Why would anyone want a Godless Society, just look at our examples, North Korea, Maoist China, Stalin, & Pot Pol?

7. First off, you are extremely wrong and biased in who you choose to label as “atheist”. China and North Korea are hardly atheist. They are actually very religious people with a devout fear of supernatural demons, gods and karma. As for Stalin, he is one man, not a “society”. There are few historical records of “atheist societies” as they have been small and quickly persecuted by theists. If you’d like to see a more modern Atheist society then look at Denmark where last census recorded over 90% of the citizens claimed “Atheist or Agnostic”. The simple fact remains, most of the atrocities committed throughout humanity were committed in the name of religious belief, not belief in science. Galileo never burned down a church for disagreeing with him. Newton did not bomb embassies. However, it is Jews versus Muslims in the mideast and has been for thousands of years. It was prophets who enslaved other humans and force-converted them. Even the KKK and Mormons both hold only racist beliefs because their interpretation of the Bible tells them white is the original color and others are “abominations”. You won’t find many modern day atheists holding outdated, biased ideals about other humans.

8. If you were to die, and you were before God.  And he was getting ready to pass judgement on you,  What would be your reaction or thoughts?  What plea would you give him so he does not judge you harshly?

8. Lol.. this won’t happen. I will assume I am dreaming and just laugh and wait to wake up. I love how people ask this as if it matters beyond some random parlour game of fantastic “What if” questions. You may as well say “What if you won the lottery tomorrow from some country you never visited?!”

9. What would convince you atheism is wrong?  And that Christianity is Right?

9. You would have to find real proof (NOT anecdotal hearsay) of the supernatural and then prove that said violation of physics created the world and is still controlling the universe. But I haven’t seen anything even close to that outside of comic books and movies. Even “god” speaking to me himself would have to PROVE he’s not just some whack job branch dividian or Tom Cruise. lol

10. Why are you an Atheist?  Why do you NOT believe in God?  Why do you reject God?  (You can be as detailed as you want.)

10. I am an atheist because I find no need or proof of god in my life. Everything that happens to me is in my control and all the bad that has happened can be easily held accountable to humans and myself included. Therefore, once I realized WE have control, it gave me hope. That if more people would stop “letting go and letting god” then we could actually advance in science and human rights. I am an Atheist because that is the label society gave me for letting go of a fairy tale. But to me, god is just like Santa Clause or Tinkerbell. They served no real purpose in my life other than a tool used by adults to tell me stories. But I am an adult now. I have no need for the supernatural.


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