Finer Points of Debate

So I saw this nice little post floating around the web which basically compares many past religious figures to the stories of Jesus.  Now of course the xian army decided to point out that Osiris wasn’t born from a virgin, he was born from the gods (still made him half god) or complain that the exact date of Dionysis’ birth is unknown (and Jesus’ isn’t?)

But why bother?  Debating the minor changes between theist beliefs is missing the bigger picture. Imagine religion as a fanfiction about the universe.  Everyone based their own versions on the same human instincts and greed for property and manipulation.  Every story features a single male protagonist who is otherworldly and come to save us poor. meek humans from ourselves by leading us into glory.  And all you have to do is swear complete allegiance to God X and remove anyone who says otherwise.

The celebrations often associated with religious practices follow the natural changes in the stars, planets and weather.  Whether is a huge Spring reawakening celebration or a Winter solstice party.

So please, dear theists of the world, stop prattering on about why your fan fiction is better than the other guy’s.  You’re all writing from the same source material and claiming your OC is the best thing ever.  That original creation you’re touting isn’t Original.  But he is a Creation.


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