Hipsters and the Death of Controversy

It all started a couple weeks ago.

I was looking over this popular meme a friend had posted on Facebook.  It showed Marilyn Monroe in a bathing suit next to some anorexic model in a bikini and said “which would you choose”?  I honestly replied that I would “choose” neither since they are both vapid women who used their looks to acquire fame rather than their brains.  I believed I was just honestly answering a question posed by a friend.

However I had opened some floodgates of anti-hipster hatred misdirected at me.  I was called a “typical hipster” for saying something against the norm.  Since when is it only “hipsters” who disagree with the status quo?

Then just a couple days ago while commenting on the Rick Santorum video where he may or may not have used the N-word I tried to weigh both sides fairly and said that the evidence given is not enough to assume he was trying to utter a racist word.  This time I was called “contrarian” for trying to play devil’s advocate.

So here’s my dilemma.  I am an argumentative and questioning person by nature.  Not by some recent drive to “be trendy” which, by the way makes no sense which is exactly why I despise hipsters.  I am always trying to be fair in my judgment of others and get alarmed at how easily most of society will take sides in an issue without full evidence.  Like with Treyvon Martin.  We weren’t there.  We only know what little evidence has been linked to the media.  So pretending to know “for sure” whether one is guilty or not makes no sense to me.

In my opinion, a hipster s someone who despite their own opinion or morals, will take the minority opinion or root for an underdog just because they hate being with the “in-crowd” so much that it drives them mad. They are the type of people who will pretend to stop liking a band once it becomes popular. This, is not who I am.  I like what I like.  Sometimes it’s something trendy or popular and sometimes it’s not.  I believe anyone who really knows me for more than one day would be painfully aware of how varied my taste is.

So why is it that I am constantly met with labels like “hipster”, “hater” “contrarian” when in reality I am just being 100% honest in my opinion?  Do people honestly believe that any opinion beyond the majority is driven by some outside desire to be a “cool outcast” rather than personal taste?

I don’t hate indiscriminately anything which is popular or fun.  I  love Harry Potter, but I hate Twilight.  I love SkyRim but I hate Halo.  I love Metallica but I hate Amy Winehouse.  These are just matters of personal opinion and taste.

I really wish there were a succinct way to explain myself when people lob labels at me so indiscriminately, but I usually am so shocked by their blind judgment that I’m too stunned to reply. But the bad side of this is that I do find myself voicing my opinion less and less.  Perhaps that is the goal of these people to begin with?


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