Why Jose Ramirez should be on your mind more than Treyvon Martin

To catch you all up on the news these last few weeks, in case you’ve been living under a rock:

THIS is Jose Ramirez: http://www.chron.com/news/article/Body-found-in-North-Texas-identified-as-soldier-3403078.php

THIS is Treyvon Martin: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2012/03/trayvon-martin-case-timeline-of-events/

Now, I am willing to bet most of you know who Treyvon is.  Even if it’s in name only.  Even as I write this there are hoodie protests worldwide in his honor.  Black community leaders are rallying in support to call for Justice in this case.  All rightly so.  And just in case this article should ever reach the grieving eyes of his family, please know that I wish your family no ill will and truly hope for justice in your son’s murder.  I hope that you find peace once this horrible process has ended.

As for my headline, let’s get down to this.  Treyvon’s case is making headlines, causing uproar and starting up protests and sparking conversations all over social media networks.  People care to their core when someone even hints at the word “racism”.  It drives us mad.  We live in 2012.  We have Barack in the Oval Office.  As modern Americans, it outrages us.  And it’s just this level of outrage that boosts my confidence.  This case will be handled properly and justice will be served.  Look, change.org.  Facebook and Twitter spammers, you did your part.  The FBI is involved now.  So, let me call you attention to something else which occurred that same week and yet went ignored across almost all media fronts as anymore than a blip.

Jose Ramirez.  He went missing from his post on a US Army base seven years ago.  His case was unsolved and forgotten until February 26th when a shallow-grave body was discovered and found to be him.  He had been murdered.  Unsolved mystery case cracked not a good headline for you yet?  How about this?  His murderer was already in jail on assault charges so the police didn’t even have to hunt him down!  Fantastic luck right?  Oh, still not newsworthy?  Okay I have one last little nugget for you….


Come on guys.  You love hate-crime stories.  Let’s go back to Treyvon for a minute.  Now the given reason for his shooting is “self-defense”.  The defendant is a Latino male who said he saw Treyvon as suspicious “for wearing a hoodie”.  However, since he was a young, African male shot by a man with the name Zimmerman and his case was not properly handled by a mostly white police force, racism is implied.  Probably rightly implied, but just IMPLIED nonetheless.

Yet with Ramirez we have a young man killed in first-degree murder by “friends” of his who he trusted enough to share personal details with for telling them he didn’t believe in god.  In fact, we have the man in jail and his sister who was a witness to the crime and used the dead man’s credit card stating on the record that he was in fact killed FOR NOT BELIEVING IN GOD.  There’s not even a vague implication here.  It’s out there.  Hate crime.  period.  Barely in the media.

What I’m asking is this:

Where is his Change.org petition?

Where are his protests of supporters?

Where are the Atheist Alliances uniting in his honor and speaking out for change in how the US Military treats soldiers and creates a hostile environment for non believers?  Which, apparently they do.

So today, I start a petition in his name.  Will it get one signature or thousands?  Well that is all up to you…



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