I’ve Been Called Lots of Things for Being Atheist…

but racist?!

I must not have received the PC memo this month.  For the third time in the past few weeks I have been accused of racism for using the word Jew.  And no, not in reference to any stereotype, but merely referring to one who believes in the teachings of Judaism.

For example, while debating the Palestine recognizing UNESCO situation: http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/unesco-votes-to-admit-palestine-over-us-objections/2011/10/31/gIQAMleYZM_story.html  I was heated and ended up calling Congress “blind idiots, supporting Jew-driven agenda rather than using common or moral sense.” Anyone with half a brain can tell I was talking about the siding in a religious war between members of the same race.  Wouldn’t it be the same to talk about Ireland and say “Catholic-driven agenda” or “Protestant-driven”?  I finally had to defend my use of the word by saying ” You would not be calling me a racist had I said “Muslim-driven agenda in Palestine.”

So, did I miss a memo?  I understand that people use the misnomer Jew to denote race, when they should really be saying Hebrew.  But how is that my fault?  And I understand that a racist person can use the word in a negative tone or context.  But so can any word be skewed when tone and context are involved.  Shall I stop calling myself a woman simply because some sexist men make jokes using the word?

My point here is that the word Jew is the correct word (unless of course I really DID miss a memo) for describing one who believes in the Jewish faith.  It is not a word used exclusively in slang and debasing nor was it a label given outwardly by oppressors.  Nor is it the correct word for describing an entire race, many of which are NOT believers in Judaism and would not appreciate being lumped in with believers.  In my eyes and mind, it is no different to say than a Christian, Muslim or Atheist.  And to talk negatively about another’s religious belief is hardly a hate crime, nor should it be misconstrued as “racist” to run an educated debate into the ground.

If I can make fun of Scientology, I can make fun of Judaism.  Get over it.


On the topic of UNESCO, it is touchy here in New York.  Where many of my classmates and neighbors are followers of Judaism.  And as such, their views of this religious war against Palestine are skewed and very one-sided.  I usually remain mum in these arguments because it is a waste of breath trying to convince religious minded people that they are wrong. Especially in such a “victim” fueled mentality as Israel is portrayed by Jewish Americans.  End of the day, it is two religious sects of similar raced, community sharing individuals who, if not for their blind following of religious dogma, would not be killing each other over a cruddy parcel of land.  For the US Government to, imo, arbitrarily choose a side in such a conflict, is silly.  All I see is a school administrator walking in to a playground fight and siding with the first kid who cries to him.    What’s worse, we have laws here to cut funding from any CHARITABLE, open-minded service who dares look beyond religious dividers and help human beings across all borders.  Did the original signers of this bill ever stop to think there are two sides to every story and every war?


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