Welcome Fellow Sinners

This blog exists for my atheist rants that I’m too cowardly to post on my facebook page where friends and family members who still believe would get into arguments and debates with me thus ruining our friendships through mutual misinformation.

Know now, fellow atheist, that you are not alone.  In fact, there are more of us than you may think:



2 thoughts on “Welcome Fellow Sinners

  1. At first, i really want to believe the validity of this graph. However, as a statistics graduate, it is nearly impossible. How can anyone group people like these: Atheists, gays, twins, army!!?? Like anyone can not be an atheist, gay, has a twin and in the army?!
    Whatever, im an atheist, and really proud of that, and again, i wish atheist percentage of populations would increase sooooo fast 🙂

    • There is nothing saying a person could only check one box. >.> The point was that Atheists, as a minority, are treated as non citizens with no voice and no voting power whereas other groups are given special privilege or unique voices. I find it funny that there are more Atheists in the US than Jews and yet it is obvious to anyone with open eyes how much preferential treatment Jewish agendas get.

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