Creative Nonfiction, Also Known as Misremembered Memoirs

So I started this class with the hopes to improve my writing overall.  I know I have a strong, brutally honest tone in my writing.  I’ve been writing since I can remember and my mother swears I wrote my first book when I was just 5.  It was a small story about a puppy and chicken who became friends called “Puppy and Chicken” written and illustrated on construction paper with punched holes and yarn to bind them.    I vaguely remember doing this but as a whole, this memory is clouded by my mother’s retelling it so many times and hearing her version of the events.  For all I know, she made it up.

So now it’s a full 25 years later and I’m taking this class.  We are expected next week to bring in a 10 page “Chapter One” to our memoir.   I honestly don’t know where to start.  I’m not a huge fan of the genre as when people write about themselves they tend to embellish, exaggerate and otherwise lie.  Should I start at the beginning?  Isn’t that where all good origin stories begin.  Which I assume is what a memoir should be, an origin story.  Maybe I should skip the parts I’m fuzzy on and start where my memory becomes more reliable.  Or maybe I should skip to the age 15 and start writing about the day I was reborn as myself.  The day I read the entire Bible and walked away with  too many questions for any one god, let alone one priest to answer.

Now that I think of it, I will start there.  Why write about my life before atheism?  I could drop a few mentions but I wasn’t really living back then.  In fact, almost every attempt I made TO live was squashed, discouraged and in many cases, punished.  That’s not life.  That’s not worth reading and I’m most certainly not going to waste my time writing about something no one wants to read about.

So it’s decided.  This class is a workshop format which means I will be admitting a secret part of myself up for criticism and judgement.  Wish me luck!


Welcome Fellow Sinners

This blog exists for my atheist rants that I’m too cowardly to post on my facebook page where friends and family members who still believe would get into arguments and debates with me thus ruining our friendships through mutual misinformation.

Know now, fellow atheist, that you are not alone.  In fact, there are more of us than you may think:


Religious Privilege: This Shit Has to Stop

Long story short, a female minister was let go for well, being a woman, and when she wanted to sue her employer for wrongful firing, it was ruled UNANIMOUSLY that she couldn’t.  Why not?  Because her employer is a church.  An untouchable beacon of special rights in the US.  This is, sadly, not the first time: : A church is allowed special rights to use hallucinogenic drugs no one else is legally allowed to use for “religious reasons”. : Special rights for Christian extremists to bully homosexual classmates.  Infamous Scientology, became a “church” in 1993 and now enjoys a tax-free status.  The Mormon Church is allowed to raise money and influence laws which openly violate the requirements to remain non-profit, yet it is allowed by every law official informed of this “coalition”.  Just more Mormons overstepping their boundaries to gay bash.  Judges everywhere, “hmm.. I’ll allow it.”


I could do this all day.  The point here is that our country was founded on SECULAR, NON-CHRISTIAN ideals.  Church and State are supposed to be two separate entities.  And the Constitution is supposed to trump individual freedoms when they VIOLATE the freedoms of another individual.  Thankfully (for now) it is still illegal to murder your family members and call it “honor killing” but the media didn’t get the memo.  They still use the phrase “honor killing” when reporting these HEARTLESS MURDERS.  Just look at this recent story from Canada:

It’s a MURDER TRIAL.  Fuck their beliefs and poor sensitive feelings.  In cases of the law, all should be equal.  This includes Murders, Rapists and Thieves who do so under the flag of religion.  It does not change nor excuse their crimes.